Since 1993 we've consistently
produced superior results:

  • Revenue per ad dollar increases of up to 50% per year
  • Supply chain costs, including distribution media, declined by up to 20% annually
  • Offer redemptions have risen by as much as 1,000% in a single year

If our clients can do it, so can you

Case Studies

Retail Case Studies

We completely overhaul analysis and print media planning while running the current media plan. As a result, the client:

  • distributed flyers to 17 percent fewer households
  • reduced costs by 32 percent
  • increased the number of customers by 15 percent
  • reduced customer acquistion costs by 42 percent

We make media plans more profitable. By using a chain store's loyalty program data, we revised store trade areas and set tough new criteria for ROI and took a close look at the profitability of its customers versus their advertising spend, block by block.

The result:

Reduced advertising costs driven by the flyer program increased media ROI by up to 30 percent.

We've made multi-million unit single market flyer programs more effective in 90 days. By redefining store trade areas, analyzing multiple sets of distributor data and determining drive time, the client stopped delivering flyers beyond a reasonable distance, eliminated duplication and triplication.

The results:

  • Penetration of flyers within trade areas more than doubled, from 25-45% to 85%.
  • Total sales increased 31 percent, compared with a rise of 6 percent the year before.
  • Same store sales increased 22 percent.

Another major retailer found that less than 1% of the people who received their flyer were redeeming their offers. They needed to cut flyer costs by 30% and increase sales within the year.

The result:

We hit the target - costs went down by 30 percent and offer response went up by an astounding 1,000% year over year.