We offer unparalleled knowledge and experience

We know the business of print advertising better than anybody. We've tracked over four billion offers in our history. We've created and shipped 100s of millions of flyers and advised major retail clients on even more. Our executives have decades of hands-on experience on both client and agency sides of the business.

Customized Services and Solutions

Marketing Consulting and Strategic Planning: We start by meeting you to produce a plan to achieve specific targets, based on your goals and proven initiatives.

Customer Profiling and Database Management: We work with you to convert your customer information into a continuously evolving database that gains strength and accuracy every time your communication drives a purchase.

Market and Location Analysis: We leverage our client and agency work with over 50 advertisers throughout North America. We've also participated in the production of online and offline software applications to deliver automated, custom solutions.

Planning and Buying: We provide a unique perspective on much of the country's media data from our work creating and managing circulation and media survey data for 700 newspapers in Canada, evaluating new data products for Canada Post and co-developing applications to automate media buying.

Our buyers, who have worked for large and small advertisers and agency partners for decades, have built a reputation for being far-sighted perfectionists. As a result, execution is perfect, stress free and beautifully documented.